by Janglin Software

Version 2.0.3

Helper method library with convenient methods to assist with creating more specific web API SDKs.


Append Extension Method.

Allows creation of a URL starting with a base URL (i.e. domain) and allowing routes to be appended with automatic insertion of slashes and whitespace trimming.

// Append Extension Method:
// To get:
var result = "".Append("testing");

// To get:
var result = "".Append("testing", "testing");
// or:
var stringarray = new string[] { "testing", "testing1" }

REST Exception.

Allows convenient transformation of the WebException.

var response = webrequest.GetResponse();
// Do work here...
catch (WebException ex) { throw new RestException(ex); }

// =====================================================

// API SDK call here here...
catch (RestException ex) {
var HttpStatusCode code = ex.StatusCode;
var string description = ex.StatusDescription;
var string details = ex.ErrorDetails; // Full response body text.
var string message = ex.WebExceptionMessage;// Generic message.
var WebResponse response = ex.Response;

Release Notes

2.0.3 - Bug fixes.

2.0.2 - Bug fixes.

2.0.1 - Bug fixes.

2.0.0 - Narrowed focus to REST exception and extension methods.

1.1.0 - Improved NuGet package.

1.0.0 - Initial release.


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